Walk With Ease Using A Bungee Leash or Dog Coupler

Bungee Products

Take the strain out of jogging or walking multiple dogs with our flexible system of connecting products. Combine several Bungee leashes with a Bungee handle or cushion the connection between two dogs with the Bungee coupler. Available in four colors, Red, Blue, Yellow and Black, let our solution system help you enjoy your 'walkies'!

  • Bungee Leash Small

    Bungee Leash Small

    Price: $14.95

  • Bungee Leash Large

    Bungee Leash Large

    Price: $17.95

  • Bungee Handle Small

    Bungee Handle Small

    Price: $5.95

  • Bungee Coupler Small

    Bungee Coupler Small

    Price: $11.95

  • Bungee Coupler Large

    Bungee Coupler Large

    Price: $14.95

  • Bungee Handle Large

    Bungee Handle Large

    Price: $6.49