Large Bungee Coupler/Leash Bundle

Large Bungee Coupler/Leash Bundle
Made in the USA Genuine Dog Gear Product
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Large Bungee Coupler/Leash Bundle

The Genuine Dog Gear product line includes several bungee products designed to work together. Our popular Bungee Leash is a rugged nylon web body with a built-in bungee. The bungee helps cushion your hand and arm from shock from that determined tugger at the other end!

Our Bungee Coupler has the same construction as the Bungee Leash, but is designed to connect two dogs to one leash. The Coupler has snaps at each end and a D-Ring in the center. Connect the Bungee Leash to the D-Ring and you have double the Bungee action!

The third product in this Bundle is the Bungee Handle. A Bungee Handle is essentially the same thing as a Traffic Lead or Handle Tab. The difference is simply that it's made with the same material as the Bungee Leash and Coupler, for the perfect color match. Substitute the Bungee Handle for a regular leash for tighter control of your two dogs, when walking near traffic or other places where tight control is important.

Purchase the bundle and save 10% of the base price compared to the same products individually!


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