Special custom color offer for
Braided Fleece Tug Toys and Braided Leashes

Custom Colors Toys and Leashes


Have it your way! Our braided fleece toys and leashes are available in a multitude of color combinations - and you can choose! Match your Club colors, your favorite sports team, or your curtains (we''ll never know). Most products with custom colors allow you to choose two fleece colors, which will be braided together with one length of black nylon webbing for strength. A few products allow you to select up to four fleece colors. Whether two or four, you can choose the same color more than once.

If your favorite color is "green," you can also save money by letting us fulfill your order from our inventory. Several of our products give you the option to let us choose colors from inventory at a slightly lower price than the price for custom colors.

If you do want to choose your own colors, the colors shown below are available for your selections. Please note that colors on your computer or tablet monitor can only be considered an approximation. Colors will vary from one display to another and from one dye lot to another.

Red Fleece    Red   Light Purple Fleece    Light Purple (Very light, almost white. Very light colors will show dirt readily.)
Black Fleece    Black   Dark Purple Fleece    Dark Purple
Royal Blue Fleece    Royal Blue   White Fleece    White (very light colors will show dirt readily)
Turquoise Fleece    Turquoise   Lime Green Fleece    Lime Green
Orange Fleece    Orange   Grey Fleece    Grey
Pink Fleece    Pink   Brown Fleece    Brown
Yellow Fleece    Yellow      

Go wild! Select your colors on these select products.

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