Vitamins and Minerals in Dog Food

Read the Label: Important Vitamins and Minerals in Dog Food

If you are into staying healthy and watching what you eat, you should also think the same way when it comes to your dogs. Just like humans, their bodies also need to get the right nutrients in order to stay strong and healthy. Check out the dog food infographic below, courtesy of, which gives more information on what type of food that would be perfect for them.

Read the labels when considering your dog food options. Meat whether it be beef, chicken, buffalo, or some other kind of meat must come first in the ingredients list, because it must make up a good part of your dog's daily diet. Apart from the much-needed protein, it contains Vitamin D and Phosphorous which are essential in keeping them strong and healthy. Meat also helps build their muscles to make them stronger and more agile. They also get more energy for playing and goofing around.

Milk and dairy products should also be a part of their diet. They can get Calcium and Vitamin D from these foods. They need those nutrients for their bones to stay strong and healthy.

Finally, they need fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin A and E so they will remain strong and their immune system will be boosted. This helps them fight diseases and not make them vulnerable.

It is also important that you be observant and look out for any allergies and food sensitivities in your dog. Just make sure you avoid feeding your dog anything that would trigger those adverse reactions.



Important Vitamins and Minerals in Dog Food

Article submitted by James Shore, September 8, 2017


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