The Braided Bunny Leash 4'

The Braided Bunny Leash 4'
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The Braided Bunny Leash 4'

  • Comfortable handle
  • Soft and Durable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Durable snap hook

This 4' multicolor braided fleece leash with rabbit is great for everyday use. Some dogs just won't tug on a regular nylon webbing leash, but few can resist this soft and strong braided snap leash.

The fleece fabric of this leash is reinforced with strong nylon webbing to give it extra shock absorption, strength, and the enticing scent of rabbit. The leash is approximately 4' long and very durable.

Choose Your Own Colors!

This braided fleece leash is made with rabbit hide, two strands of fleece, and one strand of nylon webbing for strength. Choose two fleece colors and standard black webbing for the standard version. Or, for a slight extra charge choose from nine different colors of webbing to complete your custom combination.

All of our dog leashes are 100% made in America and guaranteed to be free of any workmanship or material defects.


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