Braided Fleece Humane Slip Leash

Braided Fleece Humane Slip Leash
Made in the USA Genuine Dog Gear Product
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Multi-Color Fleece Humane Slip Leash

This braided AKC approved humane slip leash is braided fleece tug leash that is great for dog agility training and everyday walking!

The nylon slip dog collar is specially designed not to choke your dog. Durable fleece fabric is reinforced with strong webbing for a shock absorbing tug leash you'll love.

Some dogs won't tug on plain nylon webbing, but few can resist this soft and strong braided fleece humane slip leash.

Select your own colors!

Customize your braided fleece leash with two selections of fleece color. The third color is nylon webbing for strength and comes standard in black. For a small extra price, you can select from 9 webbing colors to complete your custom combination. This color will be used for both the third strand of the braid and for the humane collar built into the leash.

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This AKC legal multicolor braided humane slip leash is great for dog agility training as well as everyday walking. The collar of the humane slip leash prevents choking, so it's always safe for your dog.

The fleece fabric is reinforced with strong nylon webbing for extra shock absorption and strength. You'll love the comfortable handle, your dog will love the comfortable collar.

This humane slip leash is machine washable and very durable. Available in assorted colors. All of our dog leashes are 100% made in the USA and guaranteed against any workmanship or material defects.

Please note that volume discounts only apply when you purchase 2 or more leashes with the same color selections. The discount is based on the quantity in the box. Multiple purchases of quantity "1" and different color combinations do not receive a discount.


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