Braided Fleece Husky Humane Leash

Braided Fleece Husky Humane Leash
Made in the USA Genuine Dog Gear Product
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New! The Husky is now stronger than ever!

The Husky is sleek and powerful and so is our "Husky" braided fleece Leash. But it's not just for the Husky breed. This leash is a husky weight, with 1" nylon webbing making it even heavier than our Jumbo leashes. This is one heavy duty leash: you could walk your Clyesdale with this leash!

The handle of the Husky leash is seamlessly spliced into the body, where the other braided leashes have the handle loop sewn in place. There's no risk of the splice pulling apart, because the splice extends the full length of the leash, providing a double thickness that creates the "Husky" weight.

The "Humane" version of the Husky features our exclusive Humane Collar, which provides adjustable, positive stops for both the minimum and maximum diameters of the collar. This provides a snug fit that prevents choking, and a maximum size to prevent the dog slipping out of the collar.

Braided for shock absorption and a pleasant bite this Husky leash is reinforced with heavy duty, 1" nylon webbing for strength and durability. 5' long and AKC legal for competition - (no attachments or tassels). This leash is easy on your hands and shoulders because it absorbs shock so well.

Machine washable and very durable. All of our dog leashes are 100% made in the USA and guaranteed against any workmanship or material defects.

The following fleece colors are available for your selections. Please note that colors shown below can only be considered an approximation. Colors will vary from one computer monitor to another and from one dye lot to another.

Red Fleece Red
Light Purple Fleece Light Purple (Very light, almost white. Very light colors will show dirt readily.)
Black Fleece Black
Dark Purple Fleece Dark Purple
Royal Blue Fleece Royal Blue
White Fleece White (very light colors will show dirt readily)
Turquoise Fleece Turquoise
Lime Green Fleece Lime Green
Orange Fleece Orange
Grey Fleece Gray
Pink Fleece Pink
Brown Fleece Brown
Yellow Fleece Yellow


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