Bungee Bottle Rapper Ruff N Tuff

Bungee Bottle Rapper Ruff N Tuff
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New Rough & Tough Bottle Rapper with a Bungee Handle! Ideal for dogs that love the crinkle of water bottles and the give of a Bungee handle.

Lots of dogs love to play with plastic water bottles, now you can play interactively with your dog and those bottles with any one of our 4 versions of the Bottle Rapper. This version is a single handled, Ruff N Tuff and tear resistant fabric toy with a bungee handle.

Easy to use, simply insert up to large size water bottle a full 33oz (or any smaller size bottle) into the top of the Bottle Rapper and pull on the handle to cinch the toy closed, holding the bottle inside. Now your plastic bottle is a Bungee handled tug toy, talk about recycling. The ultimate 'green' dog toy.

This Bungee handle Bottle Rapper is made from really tough Cordura fabric that is able to stand up to extra strong tuggers.

The toy can be stuffed with any variety of items including ball, food, other toys or fur. This toy is machine washable and comes in a variety of colors.

Please see the 'soft' version of this toy for dogs that are light or hesitant tuggers, or don't like to 'take'.

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