Buffalo Tail Chaser

Buffalo Tail Chaser
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2-5 $16.15
6-11 $14.57
12-999 $13.16

BUFFALO and SHEEPSKIN with great action and long handle.

Super action on this toy, a lot like the DRAG RACER S.A.R. toy, however this toy is smaller, AND it has buffalo hide! Not to mention a very good price (which equals excellent value for you).

Two chunks of buffalo hide alternate with real sheepskin on the doggie end (bottom) of this tug toy. The top quality 100% nylon webbing is strong, yet soft enough to give this long handled toy a great flipping and jumping action.

The toy is 38" overall, the fur portions are double sided and 5" long each, for a total of 10" of buffalo hide and 10" of real sheepskin.

Colors of fur will vary widely. You can request a specific color of handle, and if we have it in stock we'll ship that color for you, if we don't have your color in stock we'll ship what we have on the shelf.

This is a great toy for small dogs, dogs that like their toys near the ground (like terriers) dogs that like buffalo, and handlers that don't like to bend over.

Of all the new toys in this bunch, this one is the hands down favorite, it may be the price point, and it may be that it's just a super super toy.

Genuine Dog Gear products are guaranteed free of material or manufacturing defects. Products are not guaranteed for chew damage.

This is a great price on a buffalo toy, get yours before they're gone.

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