Shaggy Sheepy Bungee

Shaggy Sheepy Bungee
Made in the USA Genuine Dog Gear Product Real Sheepskin Sight Stimulation Smell Stimulation Bite Stimulation
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Volume Pricing

2-5 $20.06
6-11 $18.09
12-999 $16.35

  • AKC legal tug leash 
  • Machine washable
  • Soft and Durable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Comfortable handle
  • Durable snap hook


This big, fluffy toy has both regular sheepskin with leather and wool and long hair sheepskin. Any toy with long wool is going to be a big toy, but this one features a 7" x 3" chunk of both furs. (These measurements are from the leather side of the hide; the furry side actually measures much larger.)

The toy measures 23" overall with a 15" black bungee handle for the handler end of the tug toy. All the handles are black on this toy. Our standard color for long wool ("Shaggy") is a very dark brown, almost black. For short wool ("Sheepy"), our standard is a tan/beige color.

This is a great toy for larger dogs, dogs that love the bungee action and/or sheepskin, and handlers looking for a larger or longer tug toy. This toy is very similar to the BUFFALO BUNGEE TUG. The difference is this toy has two hunks of hide, while the buffalo toy has fur on one side and leather on the back. The BUFFALO BUNGEE TUG costs more as the buffalo hide we use is crazy expensive. The handles are identical.

Genuine Dog Gear products are guaranteed free of defects in workmanship and materials. Products are not guaranteed for chew damage.

Shaggy Sheepy Bungee Video


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- , on 03/21/2015

So far my Border Terrier loves this toy, it really brings out his hunting instincts. I use it to train him since we have not been giving him any treats due to a sensitive stomach. My plan is to never leave him alone with the toy so he never loses interest but with the live like action and the sheep skin scent I doubt that would happen anyway. Great training tool and well made. - Port Chester NY -

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