Shaggy Shimmy Pocket Tug

Shaggy Shimmy Pocket Tug
Made in the USA Genuine Dog Gear Product Real Sheepskin Sight Stimulation Smell Stimulation Bite Stimulation
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2-5 $16.88
6-11 $15.23
12-999 $13.76

This on has it all, this super toy has all the features you've asked for. It's both Pocket Sized and Long Handled! You can run with this toy in your pocket AND easily play tug with Fido while standing upright and comfortable.

The Long Wool Shaggy Sheepy Fur the 'doggie's choice', is the most popular of all our furs so we gave you 4 full sides of fur on the jointed webbing handle. We leave a short gap between the two sections on each side to provide a flexible "hinge." Fido will shimmy with excitement!

The super wiggly, live animal action gives you all the excitement you could desire in an agility training tug.

Comfort is the key with all Genuine Dog Gear Toys so a full 1" wide nylon webbing handle provides handler comfort and handle longevity.

We'll do our best to honor requests for handle color, please indicate your choice if you have a preference.

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