Tugmaster Tug
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Tugmaster Options:
Standard, Ram or Rabbit:

Tugmaster Tug

The Tugmaster tug is made with durable braided fleece with a large variety of options and color combinations. The toy comes in 3 different sizes, with or without large size tennis balls. Choose from the smallest 24", with the optional one large tennis ball, or choose from the larger 36" or 48" sizes with the optional two tennis balls, one at each end.

Add real animal hide for the finishing touch! Like our Tuff E Nuff tugs, the animal hide is sewn to the fleece and then braided with the fleece. This provides maximum attraction for your dog, yet protects the hide for long life. Select the "BunnyMaster" to add real rabbit hide, or choose the "SheepMaster" (or SheepyMaster, if you prefer) made with real sheepskin!

Your best price for all of the Tugmaster versions (Standard, BunnyMaster, SheepMaster, no balls, with balls) is to let us pull a stock color combination from inventory. But you also have the option to choose any 3 of our fleece colors to match your dog's collar and other accessories, your school colors - whatever you like!


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