Buffalo Bungee Wonder Bar

Buffalo Bungee Wonder Bar
Made in the USA Genuine Dog Gear Product Real Buffalo Sight Stimulation Smell Stimulation Bite Stimulation
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12-999 $22.39

Buffalo Bungee Wonder Bar: Tons of BUFFALO fun!

100% Buffalo leather and fur stuffed inside this toy with an additional hunk of real hide on the bottom. Repeat: that's 100% Buffalo, inside and out! There's plenty of scent here to drive any dog wild. The 2" stuffed nylon webbing body is about 8" long, the bungee part is 4" and the handle is 8" long. There is a 2.5" long double sided hunk of buffalo on the bottom of the toy.

Overall, this toy measures just about 23" from top to bottom.There is a bungee shock absorber between the handle and the body of the tug toy to protect your hands and shoulders from all the frenetic doggie tugging action. The handle is long lasting and soft 100% nylon webbing which is a full 1" wide. (cheap toys use 3/4" polypro web that is hard to the touch and frays easily)

This is a dog tug that you'll be glad you've got when you need extra motivation. Because it's super durable and has the highly attractive buffalo smell, your dog will be begging for this toy for a very long time.

These toys come in a wide variety of color combinations. Please let us choose.

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