Wild Thang!
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This toy is a full 30" long, it's big. We envisioned this as a super FLYBALL toy, but it can certainly be used for many types of training. A full 16" of this toy is real fur, one side is Buffalo leather and fur (hide), while the other side is long wool sheepskin. Both pieces of hide are sewn to a center strap of nylon webbing to strengthen the toy. Then we added a shock absorbing bungee handle to soften the tugging action. The handles are 100% nylon webbing which are 1" wide for comfort and good grip.

If you want a toy to dangle for a small dog, or drag on the ground for a young puppy, or a long toy to give your dog a big bite zone he can't miss, this may be the toy for you. If you want a super desirable, really large toy, this is almost certainly the toy for you. But, don't count on putting this toy in your pocket, it'll never fit.

This super desirable, long wool sheepskin and buffalo tug toy is for dragging and/or dangling, and tugging like crazy.

All Genuine Dog Gear toys are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship.

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- , on 01/23/2018

I have used this toy for close to three years with my current dog. I previously used the two handled sheepskin tugs but I would literally go through one a day at a flyball tournament. This tug holds up fantastically to the force of his tugging. It has survived two and a half years of training and many tournaments. It is just now showing enough ware that it is time to replace it. It is well worth the price, and absolutely hits the mark as a great flyball tug!

- , on 12/22/2012

I have purchased several of your toys for my doberman. They are all very durable and he is drawn to them right off the bat. They are excellent motivators. This one is my favorite by far! It is big enough that it gives him a large target area and keep my hand out of the way. It has already put up with lots of abuse and is showing no signs of wear.I would recommend this to anybody who is owned by a tugging fiend!!

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