Dog Harnesses

Dog Harnesses

Designer Dog Harnesses

Sylvan & Sons specializes in small dog harnesses, with sizes small enough for chihuahuas and the teacup breeds! Very lightweight and convenient, all of our dog harnesses are available with matching dog collars, and dog leashes.  All harnesses offer a satisfaction guarantee, even for chew damage. Measure your dog here for the correct harness size  

How To Put On A Sylvans Harness

Our customers say that the Sylvans harness is the easiest to put on their dog - once you know how to do it. Click on the photo below for instructions.

 Click here for instructions on how to put on a harness



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Great News!

You will now find almost every Sylvans style listed here in the Harness section as standard harnesses. We previously listed only about 16 of the Sylvans styles, but that has now been expanded to 54 (count 'em - 54) styles! We've discontinued the listing for the "custom" harness because it's no longer necessary: every Sylvans style is available at the standard price for harnesses!

About our Dog Harnesses

Created in the original 'slip on' style our dog harnesses are much more convenient and easy to use than step-in or adjustable dog harnesses.

Just slip the harness over the dogs head and close the side release buckle! Very simple and very quick, these harnesses are the solution for those hard to hold and lighting quick little dogs.

Because we specialize in small dog harnesses, with sizes small enough for even the teacup breeds, our small harnesses are very lightweight yet convenient and strong. All our dog harnesses are available with matching dog collars, leashes and collar bows.

Of course you get our super satisfaction guarantee with each dog harness, that's even for chew damage. If yo'd like to see a video about us, and our products, please click this link, American Made Dog Collars.

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