New Sylvans Products!

New Sylvans Products! Hot New Sylvans Products

Hot New Sylvans Products!

We've expanded our Sylvans lineup with new products and new color/pattern combinations. We'll be adding individual pages for each new product and pattern over time, to match the previous Sylvans offerings. To get a jump-start, however, we've listed them for the time being as "Sylvans New Collars," "Sylvans New Leashes" and so forth. You can select the new colors and patterns at those pages.

Six New Sylvans Color/Pattern Combinations

Speedway Black: "The Intimidator"

  Speedway Black Collar

Plaid Green/Green: "Isle of Skye"

  Plaid Green/Green Collar

Nautical White/Turquoise: "Bahama Sky"

  Nautical White/Turquoise Collar

Nautical White/Purple: "Stormy Seas"

  Nautical White/Purple Collar

Leopard/Brown: "Serengeti"

  Leopard/Brown Collar

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