Braided Sylvans Leash

Braided Sylvans Leash
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Braided Sylvans Leash - Countless Variations Possible!

Let your imagination run wild with a custom combination of Sylvans ribbon and two fleece colors in a beautiful, sturdy braided fleece leash. The leash is approximately 5' in length, including a 7" looped handle and snap end.

Photos shown are just samples to give you an idea of the possibilities. (Don't worry about the short length; the leashes in the photo are mock-ups for photo purposes only.) There are approximately 25 Sylvans ribbon styles to choose from, together with 13 fleece colors. Choose one Sylvans ribbon and two fleece colors, for a total of ... ummm, a LOT of possible ribbon and color combinations! (We'll let the mathematicians figure out the combinations and permutations and all that, but there are well over 1,000 color combinations possible.)

To specify your color selections, specify two fleece colors and a Sylvans ribbon. To see the fleece color options, click on the "Custom Colors" tab just above the box containing this description. The usual disclaimer applies: colors seen on your screen will not be identical to actual product colors and there will be minor differences from one production run to another.

For the ribbon options, please understand that you are selecting only the ribbon component of the Sylvans style. For example, the Speedway family consists of a black & white checkerboard ribbon with red, blue, pink, turquoise, or black webbing. The ribbon is black and white checkerboard for each of those. The photos in the "swatch" area show only the ribbon and that is what is used in this product.

If you're looking for something unique - a leash that is unlike anyone else's - here's your chance! PLEASE NOTE: because this is a custom product made to your exclusive specifications, the Braided Sylvans Leash cannot be returned or exchanged unless it is defective.

Machine washable and guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship, per the Genuine Dog Gear warranty.

Please note that this product is not guaranteed against chew damage.


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