Sylvans Traffic Lead

Sylvans Traffic Lead
Made in the USA Sylvans and Sons Product
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The Sylvans Designer Traffic Lead is just the thing when you need a short lead in traffic, around people or other dogs - any time you need close control of your dog. Attach the Traffic Lead to the collar, martingale or harness, then you can just leave it there while using a regular leash. Then when you approach a situation where tight control is needed, the Traffic Lead is ready to go.

The extra D-ring provides added versatility. You can use the Traffic Lead to add length to a regular leash, you can daisy chain multiple Traffic Leads to make a leash of any length, you can attach a bungee leash - the only limit is your imagination!

The photos show our most popular Sylvans patterns, but all Sylvans patterns are available. It's the perfect complement for your Sylvans collar, martingale and leash. Just identify the Syvlans product you want in the text field. The Sylvans Traffic Lead is available in Small (3/4" x 9") and Large (1" x 10") sizes.


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