Sylvan and Sons Wholesale Program

We have found that many of our retail customers are comfortable with ordering online, but prefer to try out products in person, hands-on in a store. Some want to try different sizes of collars, martingales, etc. on their dog to see which is the best fit, while others want to try out different toys to see which ones their dogs find the most exciting. For this reason, we have made arrangements with a number of pet stores, kennels, trainers and other independent businesses around the country to carry our products. These outlets make volume purchases at wholesale prices and then offer the products for sale in their facilities.

Most of these outlets offer a relatively small sample of our products, representing only a portion of our full product line available online. This will vary according to the type of business offering the products. Some pet stores carry only selected styles of our Sylvans brand collars, martingales, harnesses and leashes, while others will stock a selection of training toys. We have some trainers and kennel operators who purchase only our various long line products. It all depends on the objectives of the retail outlet and their market.

About the Wholesale Program

To qualify for our wholesale program, a customer must make an initial minimum purchase of $300 and demonstrate that they are a bona fide business intending to offer the products for resale. Orders after the initial purchase have a minimum of $75, although we do have some flexibility with that for special circumstances. We do look at our wholesale accounts from time to time to verify that the volume of purchases justifies continued status as a wholesale account, although there are no specific "rules" for that. Basically, you need to make some purchases from time to time to retain the right to purchase at wholesale prices.

To Apply

To learn more about our Wholesale program, please email a request for more information to . We will send an email that spells out the guidelines for wholesale accounts in more detail.

Please include the following information:

  • Type of business
  • Your website URL, if you have one (hopefully you do!)
  • Contact information for the person to receive the information.

For Our Retail Customers

Please understand that the retail outlets described in this page are independent companies, not owned by Sylvan and Sons or our principals. We will stand behind our products, but we cannot guarantee the customer service or other performance measures of these independent companies. We have to walk a fine line here. On the one hand, we want to know that the stores carrying our products are reputable companies who provide good customer service and honor any warranties. On the other hand, the fact that a company purchases products from us does not give us the right to interfere with the operation of their independent business.

Please understand also that if you purchase one of our products at a retail store, then that store is our customer while you are the store's customer. You are our customer only indirectly.  We will take care of any problems that our customer brings to our attention, but we must necessarily deal with our customer (the store). We should not, and will not, deal directly with their customer (you). If you do have a problem please bring it to the attention of the retailer where you purchased the product. If you feel they are not providing you with proper service, please let us know and we'll inquire to get their version of the situation.

Thank you for your interest in Sylvan and Sons / Genuine Dog Gear!

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