Bite Stimulation

Bite Stimulation

Why bite stimulation?

Bite stimulation is so universal that it's special for us too. How much chewing gum do you suppose Americans consume each year? We don't need special insight to appreciate that biting down on toys is really cool for dogs. Most dog toys are chew toys or bones of some sort, because all dogs are bite stimulated. Giving your dog a toy designed specifically to be safe and appeal to his desire to bite and grip will stimulate him to perform his best for the opportunity to play with that toy.

Bite stimulation toys are for which dogs?

Almost all dogs enjoy the sensation of biting on an object with just the right amount of resistance. Our toys stimulate and satisfy this desire. Dogs like varying amounts of resistance, so our toys offer you quite a variety to choose from. The Sheepy tugs are softer and the Beastie tugs are firmer, Moo tugs are rubbery.

Dogs that don't like to pick up or mouth their toys may need to be taught to grip a toy or play tug games. The Soft Tug N Treat is an excellent toy for teaching your dog how to play with tugs toys. If your dog is happy to pick up, carry or chew his toys, he'll probably enjoy all the toys in this category.

How do I use bite stimulation toys to my advantage?

An excited game of tug can get pretty physical with these toys because the dogs enjoy the tugging so much. It's the biting and the tugging that they enjoy, so the game is all about hanging on and pulling as hard as you can. Trainers use the tugging game to reward the behaviors they want, to gain their dogs attention and to get their dogs to come to them at top speed. They reward the desired behaviors with a short game of tug.

Why not just put one attractor into each toy?

We want our toys to be highly attractive so we put more than one type of stimulator or attractor in each toy. Take our Wonder Bar toys. These toys have a tassel for visual excitement, sheepskin stuffing for scent (smell) excitement, AND are stuffed to just the right firmness to appeal to most dogs bite pressure. If one attractor is good, then three is great! Our goal is to motivate dogs to their best performance on the agility or flyball course. The more attractive a tug toy is the harder the dog learns to work to gain access to his dog toy and earn the privilege of playing with you.

Which other toys are also bite exciting?

Quite a few, take our Bottle Rapper tug toy for instance. Designed for sound stimulation, the primary attractor is the funny crinkling sound the bottle makes when squeezed. But it's the dog's bite that compresses the bottle inside the 'rapper' that makes the noise. Which is more stimulating to the dog? The bite pressure or the funny noise it makes when he bites down on it? Hard for us to say, maybe it's both, but any toy that a dog grips can be fun and reinforcing for the dog.

Where can I find the bite stimulation toys on the web site?

You'll find these toys in many areas of our web site. Look for the sight icon on the product page to locate the toys that are specifically geared to bite stimulation.

How do I play with a bite stimulation toy?

Reward your dog with a good game of tug. Just by gripping the toy with his teeth he'll enjoy the pleasant sensation of the toy flexing between his jaws. It happens automatically! You don't have to do anything extra, just hang onto the toy and watch your dog get happy.

Are bite stimulation toys safe for my dog?

Our bite stimulation tug toys are all created to give safely under the pressure of the dog's teeth. Safe enough to grab while running flyball or agility, even at the top speeds we want from our competition dogs. The very first dog toy we ever designed the Tuff Tug was created especially to be safe for dog's teeth when tugging. This tug toy enjoys an especially long life because of the way we make it stretch to equalize tooth pressure. Yes, there are safe bite stimulation toys and we make them. What's not safe, and you won't find here are CHEW toys or hard rubber toys, those dog 'toys' are never safe to throw or motivate a dog to excitement, and they are not interactive dog toys.


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