Genuine Dog Collars & Martingales - Pet your Four-legged Friend the Right Way

A pet dog is often identified as one through his collar sign and to whom is it symbolic tells you to whom he owes his loyalty. Sylvan’s dog martingale collars are two-looped and provide secure control over your dog in a more humane manner rather than a slip or choke collar.

If your dog is comfortable wearing a leash, he will absolutely love the martingale collar - a comfortable fit even if your dog has a relatively smaller head compared to the neck size. These collars were made keeping in mind dogs of all sizes and breeds. Apart from keeping your dog satisfied without any irritation and choking pressure, this is a much better system than regular collars which can concentrate force at the windpipe.

You don’t want your dog to be suffering from the brute force that we humans unknowingly apply even when saving or simply reclining your pet from any obstruction or vehicle on the road. Thus prefer martingale collars and find exclusive designs matching to your dog’s build and type.

Dog agility and interaction is the new spirit that drives Genuine Dog Gear to encompass an extensive selection of training toys and quality leashes, that can be purchased online, at performance events or stores throughout the country. Solve your dog problems with tender care and control!

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