Dog Collar

Marvelous Dog Collars for Your Pooch!

We here at Genuine Dog Gear are delighted to deliver you products crafted right here in the USA with you and your dog's merriment in mind. We specialize in high-quality training toys and dog collars that make getting your pal to AKC obedience level both enjoyable and stylish. We want your best furry friend to be comfortable and look dashing in our collars. Our guarantee is durability and style with our products.

Serving up Designer Dog Collars

Sylvan & Sons is our parent company, and provides beautiful and fancy dog collars in a collection of sizes for any size or breed of dog. Other pups will envy yours at the dog park, adorned in our chic, American-made collars. Our dog collars are fashioned in many colors including, but not limited to, cool hues like turquoise, pink, and coral. We also feature a wide selection of classic yet trendy patterns, such as the Retro Wintergreen Mint, the black-and-white checkered Motor Speedway, and the leopard-print Safari Nights.
You can even dress your pet up for the most wonderful time of the year in our holiday-inspired dog collars with cheery designs. Check out our Snowflake, Sweet Gingerbread Man and Cool Snowmen styles. Your dog will be fun and festive, and even match your Christmas sweater!

Humane and Guaranteed

We manufacture the martingale collar for dogs for strong-willed pups. Upon venturing outside to take a walk, dogs can grow aggressive or excited, and want to shrug off that collar and run around. We assure you that our martingale collar will provide the security needed to keep your dog in sight and out of harm's way. They are much more humane than the slip or choke collar.
If your dog has a tendency to back out of collars, this one will gently tighten around the neck, but will not restrict the windpipe. It gives you a gentle control in helping your dog remain calm, yet enjoy all the fun of being outdoors. Our martingale collars are available in assorted designs like polka dot, plaid, and hearts and bones, with matching leashes and harnesses.
All of our training toys and collars are long-lasting and machine washable. They are also rust proof, colorfast, and resistant to chew damage. Yet we know accidents happen, and that dogs sometimes like to make of a meal of anything they can get their teeth in. In this case, Sylvan & Sons offers a one-time replacement for any chew-damaged collar or toy. We are happy to repair or replace the product with a new and improved item. We want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your pick of our products for your pet. Every dog needs a collar, and you can't go wrong with our top-quality, all American-made dog collars, toys and accessories.
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