Designer Dog Collars And Leashes: Comfort, Style And Functionality

Does your mind boggle seeing a ragged out, nasty, smelly, and fissured collar leashes on your canine friend in the luxury of your home? Does your dog pull excessively or even back out of their collar? Or you have witnessed skin allergies, coat loss, or infection on your dog due to the poor quality of the fabric using which the collar is manufactured?
If so, then don’t fret as there are dog collars available to you and your pet that offer comfort, function, and fashion!
Genuine Dog Gear brings you top-quality, good even for chew damage, durable, machine washable, and very reasonably priced designer dog collars and leashes for your partner in crime. Made of high-grade nylon webbing, we offer dog collars and leashes that are gentle on the skin while also offering unique style statement.
We have colorful patterns and styles, available with matching leashes, harnesses, martingales, and bows. Our leashes are available in three widths and two lengths, perfectly matching up your dog’s needs.

  • Machine washable
  • Color Fast / Rust Proof
  • Quick Clip Buckle
  • Fits small & large dogs
  • Matching Accessories
  • Quick Shipping / Super Guarantee

Many families with pets want accessories for them that are pretty, cozy and get him or her ready for any event or occasion. Our super trendy accessory bows can be easily be slipped over your dog's collar to instantly create an out of the box fashion statement.
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