Dog Harness

Looking for a New Dog Harness?

Look no further. Genuine Dog Gear has a complete line of American made pet products and you are sure to find the perfect new quality dog harness to fit your canine's needs.

Both the Genuine Dog Gear and Sylvan line of pet products are designed with pet safety, comfort and need in mind. The company is owned and operated by a family of pet lovers. We understand the importance of both dog agility and using interactive toys in dog training. We work with professional trainers and pet store owners to design our products, from the training aids and toys to every leash, collar, and harness.

A Dog Harness You Can Trust, and So Much More

All of our pet products in the Genuine Dog Gear line and the Sylvan line are machine washable and unconditionally guaranteed against any manufacturer defects. The Sylvan & Sons line also comes with a one-time repair or replacement warranty for chew damage.

Whether you are in the market for designer martingale dog collars, a standard dog harness or training lines, Genuine Dog Gear has it all. One of the most popular items we offer is our braided leash. These soft, flexible, color leashes, made from braided fabric, are safe for your dog's teeth and yet comfortable in the trainer's hand.

If looking for a leash for long periods of use, such as competition training, check out our fur leashes. Created from a high-tech micro fiber fur, these leashes are tough and durable, yet soft. For a basic, standard, less expensive option, our Genuine Dog Gear logo leashes are a popular alternative.

All of these leashes come in three options on the "dog end." The standard "snap" connects easily to your dog's existing collar. The "slip" style slides easily over your dog's neck to double as both the leash and the collar. Our exclusive "Humane" design includes an adjustable built in collar with two size adjustments to guarantee a comfortable and snug fit around your dog's neck.

Martingale Collars for Dogs

Martingale refers to a type of dog collar which is popular for greyhounds or whippets. The collar is designed to provide greater control over the dog without choking or allowing the dog to slip out of the collar. Many trainers are now opting for them over traditional collars. We have several varieties of designer Martingale collars and padded Martingale leashes for you to choose from.

There are many considerations to take into account when considering you next dog harness or leash. Genuine Dog Gear has customer service agents standing by to help you make the right choice.