Fleece and Fur Braided Leashes with Slip, Snap and Humane Styles

Braided Tug Leashes

Braided Leashes

Braided from surprisingly durable fabrics these super quality fleece and micro-fiber 'fur' leashes are soft, durable and great for agility competition, training, or everyday use. The "give" in the braided fabric makes them safe for your dog's teeth and comfortable for your hands.



Choose from three styles of termination at the "dog end" of these leashes. The standard "Snap" end connects to any standard collar or harness with a d-ring or o-ring attachment. The "Slip" style end provides an O-ring that allows the leash to double back into a neck loop, so that the comfortable, soft fleece serves double duty as both leash and collar. Our exclusive "Humane" leashes provide an adjustable built-in collar made of sturdy nylon webbing, with not one but two size adjustments. Adjust the minimum size to provide solid, snug control - but without risk of choking - when the leash is tight. Set the maximum size to allow a comfortably loose fit - but without risk of coming off - when the leash is slack.

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