Positively motivate your dog through smell stimulation

Smell Stimulation

Why smell stimulation?

Dogs love to follow their noses! They have such a high level of smell discrimination that it's hard for us to appreciate how sensitive their noses are. Not only are their noses are estimated to be 100 times more sensitive than ours, but their brains are specialized to process smells, For dogs, smell rocks!

Top smells include wild animal smells like squirrels and raccoons, different and unusual smells, and of course food scents. Anything that excites a dog's nose can be used to train and stimulate dogs to run fast and perform his best.

Smell stimulation toys are for which dogs?

Dogs love to smell two kinds of things more than any other, food and critters. Our smell stimulation tug toys use both food items or real animal furs excite your dog to his best performance. Hunting dogs and terriers may really get a thrill out of the fur scent toys. Dogs that are highly food motivated will certainly appreciate our food toys.

How do I use smell stimulation toys to my advantage?

Use these toys the same way you would any other tug toy, the smell adds an extra level of excitement and stimulates your dog. Just being near a smell stimulation toy your dog may become excited.

Don't some of these scent toys incorporate more than smell stimulation?

Yes! That's because we want our toys to be the most stimulating and exciting tug toys on the planet! The more exciting our dog toys are the better they can motivate your agility and flyball competition dogs. The more stimulators we can get in a toy the harder your dog will work to gain access to play time with the toy. Most of our toys stimulate more than one sense and some stimulate three senses at once. No extra charge for the additional stimulation, hey what a deal!

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