Positively motivate your dog through sound stimulation

Sound Stimulation

Why sound stimulation?

Dog's brains are hard-wired to orient to certain types of sounds. That's why high-pitched and intermittent sounds are especially good at grabbing your dog's attention. These brain connections help wild canines, like wolves, find distant or small prey by noticing sounds in their environment. 

Our dogs retain these same brain connections. Noisemakers in dog toys grab our dog's mental 'attention' centers, and we can benefit from that genetic gift. It's a part of their natural responses to their world. Their brains guarantee us that they will notice a noisy toy.

How do I use sound stimulation toys to my advantage?

Our Bottle Rapper Tug toy is a great sound stimulation toy for tugging and interactive play. A sound stimulated dog will love the crunchy noise made by the plastic bottle inside the 'Rapper'.

Use the Bottle Rapper the same way you would any tug and interactive dog toy to stimulate play and reward behavior. You may need to compress the bottle inside the toy for the dog to understand the toy is inside the wrapper. Once he knows the bottle is inside the toy, the two nylon handles will allow you to retain possession and control of the toy.

When your water bottle wears out, just put a new bottle into the toy and you're ready to continue your training!

The Tug N Treat toys are used as sound toys with the addition of a squeaker. We don't include the squeakers with these toys, as most people use them for food treats. However you can purchase a squeaker from a vendor at most shows to stuff inside any of these food toys.

Sound stimulation toys are for which dogs?

Some fearful dogs that are afraid of noises, don't like noisy toys, but most dogs do.

If your dog is sound stimulated, you've probably already noticed that he likes squeakers and clickers. Many dogs seem to enjoy their ability to make the sounds themselves by biting down on the toy.

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